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Meet Peter Mazzuchin

Meet John Situ

Peter Mazzuchin
John Situ

"We are consistently impressed with Odyssey3D's amazing team. Their level of professionalism, ownership and innovation is extraordinary. They are constantly seeking new ways to add more value to their clients, they always provide us with high quality products and services and we are always happy to refer them to others. Highly Recommend Odyssey3D!"

Peter Mazzuchin • Broker • Keller Williams Real Estate Associates Brokerage Inc.

"Been working with Odyssey3D for my third listing now and we are very happy with their products and services. They are very professional, organized and always on time. They add tremendous value for my clients so they will continue to be a part of my business."

John Situ • Sales Representative • RE/MAX Realtron Realty Inc., Brokerage

Kellerwilliams Real Estate Associates Brokerage Inc.
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